Pressure Sensor

  1. JC-C01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor

    * Excellent long-term stability can be directly integrated into the circuit* Direct amplification circuit in the system* Compact structure、easy to package* Pressure、temperature sensor* Editable integrated circuit (zero, linear, temperature drift digital compensation)* JC-C01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor Can be applied to high-volume, low-cost applications
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  2. JC-CE01 Sapphire Pressure Sensor

    JC-CE01 sapphire pressure sensor is composed of single crystal insulator elements without hysteresis, fatigue and creep. Sapphire has very good elasticity and insulation properties (up to 1000 ° C) and is insensitive to temperature changes, even at high temperatures Work characteristics; sapphire with radiation resistance; silicon – sapphire semiconductor sensitive components are no P-N drift,so can be applied to a variety of complex environments.
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  3. JC-CK01 Force Sensor

    JC-CK01 cavity-free (flush film) force sensor using high-precision foil strain gauge, no cavity measuring diaphragm, especially for measuring the viscosity of the liquid. Has a good anti-vibration ability. Can be equipped with a variety of unique amplifier circuit, such as anti-interference type, high temperature type, intrinsically safe explosion-proof, etc., especially for oil field logging, pharmaceutical, textile and the other viscous industrial site which is easy to be pulgged, and has been applicated very well in the domestic oil field.
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  4. JC-CKA01 Ceramic Capacitance

    JC-CKA01 ceramic capacitance pressure sensor is a dry ceramic capacitive pressure sensor manufactured by Jiucheng team, from China. The ceramic is a recognized material with high elasticity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance and vibration. The thermal stability of the ceramic can make its operating temperature range up to -40 ~ 125 °C, but also has high accuracy and high stability.
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