JC-C01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor

JC-C01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor
Product Description

JC-C01Ceramic Pressure Sensor Technology

* Excellent long-term stability can be directly integrated intothe circuit
* Direct amplification circuit in the system
* Compact structure
、easy to package
* Pressure
、temperature sensor
* Editable integrated circuit (zero, linear, temperature drift digitalcompensation)
Ceramic Pressure Sensor can be applied to high-volume, low-cost applications
* Flat film structure with excellent accuracy
* Low power: rated current<3ma
* Anti-impulsive and anti-vibration
* Fast response: power-on initial time 5ms, signal response time 2ms

JC-C01 Ceramic Pressure Sensors Application

* Automotive applications
* Central air-conditioning refrigeration system
* Small appliances boiler
* Sewage pump
* Industrial ink printer
* Medical food industry
* Geographic application of ship equipment
* Starter bulldozer application
* Health flat film industry

Pressure range0~1bar…0~600bar (Gauge) 0~0.1MPa….0~60MPa
Power Supply30V DC,MAX excitation voltage
Bridge resistance11KΩ±30%
Insulation resistance>2kv
Full-scale output4mV/V
Direct contact with liquid material98%Al2O3
Operating temperature-40~125℃
Stored temperature-50~150℃
Temperature drift(zero+ sensitivity)≤±0.03%FS/℃(1bar~5bar);
≤±0.02%FS/℃10bar – 600bar)
Accuracy(non-linear+ Hysteresis)≤±0.3%FS
Zero drift≤±0.2mV/V
Destroy pressure2~3times of rated range
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